Lettings Arrangements and Charges

To ensure we deliver a first-class service, we will need to ask :-
How many people will be living in the property?
What you can afford, taking in to account the monthly rent, council tax charge and utility bills?
For how long do you intend to rent a property?
Do you have any special requirements relating to a tenancy?

Committing to a Property

Your intentions need to be validated by a financial commitment. We will require a holding deposit equal to the Referencing Fee and Contract Fee equalling to £175 per person as intent to start negotiations.


Our background checks will be conducted in house.  Your former landlord, your current bank and your employer(s) will be contacted to verify your circumstances and tenant history. Once we have satisfactory references and all fees have been received you will be required to sign a Tenancy Agreement.

Initial funds

Before you move into a rental property, we will require:-
1. First month’s rent (or as agreed)
2. Deposit (depending on Landlord  1pcm rent or 6 weeks rent)
3. Referencing fee – £75 per person   Contract Fee – £100 per person

All funds must clear before we release any keys. We accept payment by banker’s draft, transfer or cash.  Unfortunately, we do not accept cheques.

Tenant Replacing

Should you wish to terminate your tenancy before the end of fixed term and the Landlord agrees that you can be

  released early, you will be responsible for the payment of outstanding commission due from the landlord for the

  remainder of the tenancy unless you are exercising a break clause contained in your tenancy agreement.

  If you wish to change the identity of any tenants during the tenancy, you must inform RM Property Services in writing of

this. If the Landlord agrees to the change, RM Property Services will carry out a new reference check on the incoming

tenant and prepare a new tenancy agreement to be signed. This service carries a contract changing fee charge of £350 per person

for the outgoing tenant and a £175 referencing charge for the incoming tenant.

  An administration charge of £25 will be charged for each letter sent by RM Property Services regarding late or non-payment

  of rent. Letters are initially sent at 3, 7 and 10 days after the rent becomes due and 7 days thereafter, until the rent is

  paid in full.

  An administration charge of £40 per instance will be charged for handling rent payments by any other means other

  than standing order.

 Renewing Your Contract

RM Property Services will contact you 10 weeks before the expiration of the initial term of the tenancy agreement. We will

ascertain whether or not you wish to renew your tenancy or vacate the property. In the event that you wish to stay

longer than your original tenancy agreement and terms can be agreed with you and your Landlord, a new tenancy

agreement will be drawn up by RM Property Services for you to sign. This service carries a contract renewing charge of one

weeks rent.

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